Own A Home

HomeOwn A Home

Home Ownership- it’s key to Economic Empowerment.

The best way to end poverty housing is providing opportunity for home ownership. For many living in substandard housing a traditional interest bearing mortgage is out of reach. Our mortgage and housing programs are a hand up, not a hand out and the basis for community success. Our partner families work to provide their futures and become partners in creating sustainable community revitalization by performing “sweat equity”, completing Homeowner Education and agreeing to a Habitat for Humanity Mortgage. Their willingness to partner ensures they earn a “Hand up, not a hand out.”

What is sweat equity?

Sweat equity is the amount of time each partner family must contribute on our construction site.  Depending on family size the time is generally 250 hours.

What is Homeowner education?

Homeowner education is the way Habitat partner families learn about home ownership. It prepares the partner family to handle the responsibilities of house hold budgeting and financial management, ensuring their success.

How is a Camden County Habitat for Humanity Mortgage Different?

Our mortgages are low interest loans, making them far more affordable.  As our partner families pay their mortgages, they are financing mortgages for more partner families.

What do you mean by a “hand up and not a handout?

Camden County Habitat for Humanity does not give away homes.  Every partner family contributes sweat equity on our construction site, finishes credit and household budgeting training and pays full price for their home.

How Do You Qualify to Be a Partner Family?

Below are a list of qualifying questions.

  • Are you employed?
  • How long at current job? (must be 12 months or longer in the same field)
  • Are you interested in living in Camden County?
  • Family size? (we have 2 and 3 BR row homes available now)
  • What is your household annual income?
  • Do you know what your credit score is?
  • Do you have any judgments, bankruptcies or foreclosures on your credit report?

If you meet these qualifications, please call Amy Flood, Partner Family Coordinator, at 856.963.8018 ext. 107 to begin the application process.