Camden County Habitat for Humanity engages in construction projects to foster economic empowerment and sustainable community revitalization in Camden County, NJ.

1Working Together Works for Everyone

Collaborating with volunteers, municipal governments, organizations and partner families we create home ownership opportunities for the low to moderate income population. These projects address two significant issues inhibiting sustainable community revitalization- diminished economic empowerment and tax base erosion.

Our Partner Families

Every Habitat for Humanity build requires a partner family for success. These are low to moderate income families who find traditional interest bearing home loans out of reach. Through our interest free loans to families meeting our income, home ownership education and sweat equity requirements, partner families become homeowners. They pay full price for their house and demonstrate Habitat’s “Hand up, not a Handout” philosophy. These homeowners contribute to their community as both taxpayers and responsible citizens. This arrangement provides true ownership and economic empowerment through asset development, planting the seeds for a thriving community.

Our History

Since 1986 Camden County Habitat for Humanity has helped over 50 families. In 1994 our board initiated the 16 home Clinton Avenue project. This signified our migration from single home development in Camden City to tract development. To further support our community and affiliate, the ReStore was opened in 2008. This 25,000 square foot home improvement retail outlet offers deeply discounted new and used home improvement products, supplies, furniture and appliances to the general public. Earlier in 2011 a restructuring occurred to position the Camden affiliate for the future. This resulted in a two year transitional business plan focused on service expansion and mission sustainability positioning the affiliate to pursue a tract housing development model in Camden City and a scatter project expansion into the entirety of Camden County. Currently we are partnered with the Cooper Foundation and the NRTC in building an additional 16 homes. To date our projects empower more than 50 families, provide over 80,000 dollars annually to Camden’s tax base and have produced over 1 million dollars in new property tax revenue to the city.

Our Mission

Camden County Habitat for Humanity partners with people, communities, and organizations to foster economic empowerment and sustainable community revitalization by providing home ownership opportunities for those in need through housing construction and rehabilitation, discount home improvement retail outlets, financial education, job training and volunteer organization. Camden County Habitat for Humanity provides services to all people regardless of background, ethnicity, race or religion.

2016-2017 Board of Directors

John R. Grozier / Eaton Corporation President 2011  Karen Harrison / PNC Bank Secretary and Human Resources Vice-Chairperson 2011 Gary Kanalstein Construction Committee Chairperson 2014 Richard K. Landon Restore Committee Chairperson 2011 Michael M. Mayer Development Committee Chairperson 2014 Squire J. Servance Esq. Member 2010 Mark H. Wander  P.A., CPA / Baratz & Associates Finance Committee Member 2014 Michael Floyd / Archer & Greiner Member 2015 Terry Ruggles 2016